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How Image Associates Helps Candidates

Image Associates is a Long Island based technical recruiting company, in business for more than twenty years. It is a woman-owned, small business, located on the South Shore of Long Island, New York, in Massapequa.  We solicit job openings, job opportunities, jobs, from companies on Long Island, in New York City, and nearby. In certain industries, we solicit job openings in other states. We also learn about job openings all over the country, through a national network of agencies with which we are affiliated.

All fees paid to Image Associates are paid by the employers.

Working mainly with manufacturing and engineering design companies, we have successfully located and placed people in many industries. Currently, we are working with companies in electronics, aerospace, defense, ceramics, specialty materials, machinery manufacturing, metal treating, parts manufacturing, food and ingredients manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and the steel industry. The mix of industries changes every day, as employers provide new job openings.